About Cryotherapy

Whole-body Cryotherapy is a holistic, all-natural way to achieve health-boosting benefits through a fast, short-term cooling of the body. It works to boost and rejuvenate body performance, appearance and recovery – and it makes you feel great!

The Process

Those new to Cryotherapy are often surprised at how simple and fast a Cryotherapy session can be. There’s no excessive time commitments, and no standing or laying still for long periods. In fact, a Cryotherapy session is quicker and easier than any comparable treatment out there.


Undress in the changing room and prepare for an exciting new experience!


Step into the Cryotherapy machine and let our team member know when you’re ready to start.


Cool, dry air will circulate inside the Cryotherapy machine for 3-4 minutes.


Before you realize it, your session is over! Get dressed, and enjoy the rest of your day feeling better than you realized you could.  It’s that fast, and it’s that simple!

Still have questions?  We’d be happy to answer them – simply fill out the form and we’ll be in touch soon!

cryobostonThe Process