Benefits of Cryotherapy

It isn’t difficult to name a benefit of Cryotherapy treatments – there are so many of them, and they range from the physical to the mental, and from general wellness to specific injuries and ailments. In short, though, Cryotherapy activates your body and your mind, helping them to work better and recover faster.

Sports and Fitness:

Increased blood circulation
Boosted immune system
Increased energy and strength
Decreased fatigue
Effective sports rehabilitation
Pain management method
Faster sport injury recovery
Improved concentration
Improved sleep patterns
General wellness

Health and Wellness

Chronic fatigue syndrome
Rheumatoid arthritis
Multiple sclerosis
Chronic pain syndrome
Inflammation of the spine
Muscle pain and inflammation
Depression and mood disorders
Immune system improvement
Delayed onset muscle improvement
Central nervous system disease
Degenerative disease of joints and spine
Inflammation of tendons and joints

Beauty and Spa:

Cellulite reduction
Tighter and healthier skin
Stronger and fuller hair and nails
Helps with acne
Increased metabolism and caloric burn
Increased libido
Increased collagen production
Quicker surgical recovery
Psoriasis and dermatitis
Lymph draining and blood circulation

cryobostonBenefits of Cryotherapy